Moral Support

Is there moral support out there?

Oh yes, you can perform your job search without seeking assistance, but most of our clients have found tremendous support looking into alternative sources.


Silent Unity

Suzanna Solomon


Louis Masterson

Life Challenges.org

Silent Unity

logo Silent Unity is a worldwide prayer ministry that, for over 100 years, has been in continuous prayer with people of all faiths. Someone is always praying here, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whenever you want prayer support, whatever your request may be, we are here to pray with you. All requests are enfolded in continuous prayer for 30 days, held in strictest confidentiality, and treated with reverence and respect. Sometimes a donation is requested but certainly not required. You can submit a confidential prayer request online or give them a call.


Suzanna Solomon, Spiritual Teacher

logo Suzanna Solomon facilitates a personal experience with one's Divine Self, Angels, Master Teachers and Spirit Guides. She has traveled throughout United States to conduct workshops and private sessions (in person and by phone) that support people in reaching their highest potential through Empowerment. Suzanna also teaches how to heal the negative and heighten the positive and how to create a personal altar for spiritual and emotional growth. For more information, contact Suzanna Solomon directly.

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logo Many individuals have found great success researching assistance in many areas of emotional help on WebMD.com. This site provides a search feature where you can type in your health or emotional concern and several resources will be provided. To contact go to:


Louis Masterson

logo Louis Thomas Masterson & Co. is a Corporate Outplacement and Retained Executive Search firm. When you sign up on their site, you can sign up for a Friday Forum Newsletter. Mr. Masterson and his group write to the heart of a job search. For additional, helpful information visit their website

Louis Thomas Masterson & Co

Life Challenges.org: Healing Mind and Spirit

logo Life Challenges is the CyberCenter for living creatively with life's challenges. They are a non-profit resource center originated to offer people support and hope while they face challenges, crises, change, unexpected events, and turning points in their lives. They are a website where you can surf to and find a little comfort and inspiration along the way. Life Challenges emphasis is on using challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation.

Life Challenges