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Reinventing Your Workself

When Circumstances Change

There may come a time when it becomes appropriate to "reboot your career" by pursuing a different direction. If any of the following apply, you may want to consider reinventing your life by changing to a new career path:

If you are among the many individuals in any of these situations, it may be right for you to re-enter the job market from a fresh perspective. This may entail moving to a new location, repackaging yourself, or even tackling a line of study to become more expert in the field you decide to pursue.

Even if you're not sure you are ready to make a change, you may benefit from opening to a new direction in your work. Consider what you have learned about yourself from your previous or current employment experience. In doing so, assess your transferable skills:

The key to reinventing yourself is to ask honestly, "who am I today?" This allows you to let go of old thought forms - pictures you may have brought with you to earlier jobs and searches, or from when you were in school -that are no longer applicable. Regard this endeavor as more suitable and easier than previous times when you looked for work. In doing so, there is opportunity to utilize, refine and improve upon your earlier experience.


What are the things in your life that excite you?

Try making an inventory of your interests, and see if any of these may add to your transferable skills that you can bring to your new workplace.


Do you feel a social responsibility that you have not been able to express, or express fully, in your current or previous situation?

If so, look for this quality in your search, and make it a priority when you are evaluating potential new positions.


Anchoring a career shift can bring exciting change to your life and work. It is so very important to approach such a transition with a positive attitude and to see it as a process that unfolds.

And remember, just because it becomes appropriate to reorient your approach to your work is by no means an indicator of prior failure. The important thing is that you recognize the right timing for making the shift, and then take control of your situation.

In re-charting your career to fit better your current life and interests, do some research.

There are many resources online for researching the job market. With an open mind, consider calling on contacts in fields that may be of interest to you. This can assist in becoming knowledgeable about the requirements for a particular avenue of work that sounds interesting.

Then, if additional study or job experience seems integral to qualifying for a job or field you may wish to pursue, you can develop an interim plan to get there.

Here are some suggestions you may consider:

Ideas for courses of study / advanced degrees / certifications:

Ideas for new positions / jobs:

In Summary . . .

Once you know it's time to make a major shift in your work, for the coming phase your job search is your new job. This very quest will give you the chance to try self-employment, which is a growing direction in today's marketplace and may open up a new realm of possibilities.

Whether it is outside circumstance or an internal message that calls you to a new line of work, you can know there is a right job for you. Remind yourself of this throughout your process, and you will discover that finding your right place is worth whatever effort it takes.


We wish you great success in your job search!

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